\ \ \  TREY BADAMI  / / /  

The work is a reaction to the domination, control and manipulation inherent in modern commercial photography and society.

We are bullied by contemporary photography to want something or to feel something - our visual curiosity is rewarded with subliminal catalysts to lust, fear and envy.  

In reaction to this sensory bombardment, I felt most magnetized to those quiet instances that passed by unobserved - in which elegance, strength and grace sang. 

These quiet moments of truth - dressed without pretense or artifice, invite the observant viewer to relate and empathize with the subject. 

Rather than a calculated stimulus to envy, lust or hunger. My work seeks to calm and harmonize subject and audience through empathy.


Trey was born in San Francisco but grew up in a little New York town called Cazenovia. 

He attended Columbia University - graduating with honors and a degree in Economics and Anthropology. 

He lives in Brooklyn.


Bookings: please email StudioSavoirFaire@gmail.com